Friday, February 5, 2010

Story Time!

Story 1: I get home from work the other night and the neighbors cat is in the driveway. Such a sweet cat. I tell her hello and then go into the garage, where my wonderful husband is waiting for me. He goes to shut the garage and I said "Noo! You're gonna squish the kitty!" He says "Tara the cat is smart enough to run back onto the driveway."
Fast forward to the next morning. I open the door from our house to the garage and what is the first thing that catches my eye? That cat sitting right in front of the door. "Meow....Meow..." I felt so bad! She was stuck in our garage over night- no food, no water, no litter, no nothing. She ran out as soon as I opened the garage for her.

Story 2: I have my own cat, but she lives with my mom because the NewlyHusband is allergic to all things furry. My mom just got this awesome new kitchen. I mean she completely ripped out her old kitchen, walls and all, and had it redone. It's gorgeous. Included in this new kitchen is one of those flat top stoves that is kind of flush with the counter. Well my poor cat (Pepper is her name) must not have understood that it was a stove. After cooking dinner the other night, the freaking cat walked across the hot stove! She has been walking around for a few days now with the one burnt paw held up in the air. It's so pathetic and adorable. Guess she won't be walking across the stove anymore.

Story 3: As you all know, house hunting was had yesterday. The area we're looking to buy is a good half an hour-50 minutes away from the area we're in now. So I meet our realtor at a Starbucks about half an hour away. I did that yesterday and then rode with the realtor. The NewlyHusband met us later on to see the two I really liked, so of course I rode with the NewlyHusband to finish the house hunt. The NH and I went out to dinner afterwards and then came home. We start pulling in the driveway and NH says "Damn it!" I'm like "What?! What?! What's the matter- is a door open, did the house get broken into?" Nope, none of that. He had just realized that we completely forgot my car was still at that Starbucks. Yeah, we're doofuses like that. So we were up bright and early this a.m. to go get my car before NH headed to work. Oops!

Anddd a random nugget to leave you with. The realtor's GPS, when telling him to get on the highway, says "Turn right onto the motorway." Seriously, who the hell calls it a motorway?! Do you?


  1. Aw! Poor kitties! Both of em! I hope your kittie's paw gets better! I can't wait to hear about some of the narrowed down houses! I'll come down and we can go shopping fo decor..sound good?! :)

    And yes, it's called a highway not motorway! Lol

  2. Aww both those kitties. I'm so sad your kittie can't live with you. 8(

    I'm so excited for your house hunting and I hope you find something fantastic soon! Can't wait to hear about it.

    Motor way? That's stupid.

  3. kitties! Mr. NewlyHusband sucks for being allergic! whatever you do, don't start feeding the neighbor's cat - it will never leave you alone!