Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have I Learned Anything?

As you all know, I am in my last semester of college right now. I will graduate with my Bachelors in History with a minor in Psychology in April. So I thought it would be cool to look back on the classes I've taken in my college years and see if I really learned anything. So this is what I've taken:


Math for Liberal Arts
Elementary Statistics.

Yes I have gotten away with only taking two maths and not taking College Algebra at all. I hate math with an absolute passion. And no, I don't remember anything from these two classes.


General Biology for Non Science Majors

Again, I took as little science as possible. Math and Science are just not my subjects.


Composition 1
Composition 2
Compositon 3
American Literature
Creative Writing

I thought I wanted to be an English major, so I took a couple more English classes. Turns out- not for me. I like to enjoy my books and not analyze them. I did enjoy my creative writing course though.


US History
US History Since 1877
Politics and Society in Britain and Ireland
Russian Thought and Culture
Craft of the Historian
American Revolution and Constitution
US Since World War I
Irish History
Modern China
Global Environmental History
History of the New South
Nazi Germany
Florida History

You knew this list would be long. I am a history major, after all. I have actually learned quite a bit in my history classes. They have certainly made me better at Germany. My faves have been Nazi Germany (still in this one, so we'll see how I feel when the semester's over), Irish History, Russian Thought and Culture, and US History Since 1877. The worsts were Florida History and Modern China. In Craft of the Historian, Global Environmental History, and the 1890's, I had/have to write a 15 page paper. My Craft paper was on the cause of the Salem Witch Trials. My Environmental one was on the role of women in the toxic waste movement, and my 1890s paper is going to be on the experience of immigrants at Ellis Island.


Understanding Human Behavior
Human Growth and Development
Educational Psychology
General Psychology
Psychology of Women
Social Psychology
Industrial Organizational Psychology
Stress Management
Learning Theory

I have really enjoyed having Psych as my minor. All the fun stuff without the crappy research courses majors have to take. My faves here: Stress Management, Learning Theory, and Psych of Women. I am currently in IO Psych and I think this is the one I'm going to take the most out of.

Other Junk I Took as Electives or Was Required To Take

The Humanities I
The Humanities II
Microcomputer Applications
Fundamentals of Speech
College Success Skills
Introduction to Education
Sociology of Work
People and Cultures of the World

So here I am, nearing the end of my college years, having taken all of those classes. Is it sad that I couldn't tell you a damn thing about the majority of those? How much do we truly learn in college?

Oh and PS, I realize this is probably the most boring post ever. But here it is.


  1. Sounds like you took some interesting classes!! i kind of wish I would have taken more history... I also got away with only taking two maths. I tried to take College Algrebra like 4 times and finally my counselor let me skip it bc I failed too many times, but not for lack of trying!!

  2. Goodness that is a lot of classes! No wondering you are always so swamped!

    What are you going to do with your major?

  3. As a psychology major, let me tell you how horrible those stupid research classes are. HATE them. I'm taking Social Psych this semester, I hope it goes well.

    I'm jealous of you nearing the end, but I'm not jealous of all those History courses. History is my least favorite subject so more power to you!

  4. I had to smile reading this. I took Sociology:) I avoided my Math classes by taking the History of Medicine! What did I learn in College? (University here) How to drink coffee....and draft beer!

  5. all this schooling makes my head hurt! better you than me! :D