Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Awww, one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Brittany, gave me the "Blogger BFF Award." I am so excited because I really do consider her a blogger BFF. Thank you Britt! Lucky you guys, this award doesn't require me to tell any weird/random/"interesting" facts about myself. It just requires me to pass it on. So I am going to pass this award on to 5 bloggers that I would love to grab a drink or 4 with if we ever met in person.

1.Mandee at The Bear Naked Truth. Mandee and I have talked on The Nest, on FB, and on G-Chat. There is no doubt the NewlyHusband and I would have a blast with Mandee and her Mr MandeeFoFandee.

2. Carissa at Carissa Jaded. Carissa is adorable and fun and clumsy --like me, although I have never broken anyone's arm doing a super awesome kick ;) If she was ever down in my neck of the woods, we would have to grab a glass (read:bottle) of wine together.

3. LiLu at Liv It, Luv It. Um did ya'll see how many 20sb awards this chick got? And her karaoke videos? Who wouldn't want to grab a drink with her? LiLu- you, me, and some Sweet Caroline karaoke style if I ever make it to DC.

4. TKOG at Not That Kind of Girl. I'll be honest- I'd be scared of what kind of NTKOG stuff I'd be getting into by hanging out with her. :) But she does live in my favorite city in the US and I think it'd be fun. Heck, I could probably use a NTKOG moment.

5. Vanessa at Caramel Covered Photographs. I know Vanessa got this award from Britt also, but I can't do this list and not include her. We have soo much in common that I know we'd get along fabulously.

Thanks again Brittany!


  1. awww yay, I'm honored! :D

    now, since I'm new to this whole thing, please tell me - how do I let people know that I've passed it on to them?

  2. PS - we would have an ahhhmazing time together if we all got together. I'd even go as far as to say it would be bitchin.

  3. Mandee- Most def bitchin. And you can either just put it on your blog and hope they read it or you can comment on their blog tellin 'em you gave them an award.

  4. Awww thanks so much!!! I heart you bunches!! Um one day we MUST have bottle (s) of wine together!! And if you ever need another gchat buddy, I'm your girl. I all up on that shiz. All. Day. Long.

  5. Congrats on your award! Well done, I always enjoy reading. :-)

  6. You + me + wine = frickin' amazing time! thanks for this award! I'm so excited to receive it! Blogger bff's fo sho. Yeah I'm going ghetto, it happens on a Friday afternoon. Hahaha! <3