Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keep Your Kids Off Me, K Thanks

The NewlyHusband's birthday was Saturday and we went to Disney to celebrate. Animal Kingdom on Saturday and Epcot on Sunday. We had an absolute blast! Now I know Disney is a family place and I'm fine with that. Kids should go and have fun. But that does not mean Disney is a free for all where parents do not have to control their children.

We were on the monorail, standing room only, and I was standing there holding the pole. A mom with 4 kids came on, so I moved my hand higher up the pole so that the kids could hold on lower. The entire ride, the kids kept playing on the pole moving their hands higher and higher. They I'm not a germaphobe by any means, but c'mon. I kept moving my hand higher and higher and they kept moving their little hands higher and higher.

We get off the monorail- yay! We go to dinner at a nicer restaurant. Think fancypants- only offers 6 entrees and it's all stuff you've never heard of kinda place. There is a child at the table behind us running circles around and around and around his table, each time bumping into my chair. The parents didn't say a damn thing to him. I kept turning around to give them the side eye, but they never looked. Thankfully, they left before we even got our apps. But please! Could they not have said something to their kid? Just because you are at Disney does not mean you can let your kid be rude. I was getting so pissed.

When we have kids, I plan on watching my children. Should they be able to have fun at Disney? Yes. Should that fun be interfering with other people's personal space? No.



  1. Sadly, it's likely that their lack of child control has less to do with their location than you'd hope. It's just more noticeable, because there are more of them.

  2. oh my god, I HATE that. kids are so spoiled these days, it's ridiculous - my dad would have whooped my ass right on the monorail if I acted like that!

  3. Ugh! I can't stand that! Kids need discipline and parents rarely give it anymore so kids think they have the run of the mill. And then those kids grow up to be adults and well they never change.

  4. Ugh. I can't stand that....The worst for me is when children who I don't know..when there hair touches me. That's what I can't stand...Lol!I hope you had fun at Disney! I love Disney!!

  5. Ehhh I love children but this has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. For now on, Im just gonna go around poking on children and see how their parents like that. That sounded kind of bad, but you know what I meant.

  6. I hate when people do not watch their children. Waaay to suck at parenting. I would have said something. Seriously. I am jealous of you going to Disney! One day I'll make it to Disneyworld! One day!