Monday, March 1, 2010

Thoughts from the Olympics

I never thought I liked the Olympics. I watched a bit of the figure skating here and there when it came on, but that's it. The NewlyHusband does like the Olympics though, so this year I actually watched a good bit of it. And I really enjoyed it! Here are my thought from this years Olympics...what I watched of it anyway.

1. I am going to miss watching Apollo Ohno. Did you guys see when the other two skaters fell and Apollo just jumped over the fall and kept going? Awesome. There is just something about him that I really like.

2. I heart Michael J. Fox. He is just so adorable, in all his Parkinsons glory. (I hope that doesn't sound offensive- I truly don't mean it to be). If you are wondering what the hell MJF has to do with the Olympics, he is Canadian and took part in the closing ceremony.

3. I feel for Joannie Rochette. This has got to be one of the craziest weeks of her entire life. To win a bronze Olympic medal and be dealing with your mothers sudden death at the same time.... When she skated, I actually was kind of rooting for Canada instead of the US.

4. Curling is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. I just can't watch it.

5. I love to watch short track speed skating and alpine skiing. Those two plus figure skating and ice dancing are probably my favorite events.

6. I loved watching the closing ceremony- seeing all the athletes full of joy taking pictures and videos of everything. I could feel the excitement in my living room.

So there are some thoughts from a newbie to this whole Olympics thing. I will definitely be watching in 2014 when they are held in Suchi, Russia.

*Don't forget you can still ask me anything. I will be answering all your questions tomorrow. And there is still time to enter the Paula Deen giveaway . Two people will win and I will be drawing the winner on Tuesday.


  1. I watched too, I am just so proud of Canada and that hockey game, well, just the icing on the cake last night! Of course, it doesn't hurt that I lived close to our golden hockey boy in Nova Scotia for 15 years!

  2. I feel REALLY bad admitting this...but I did not watch one second of the olympics. But I really haven't watched even one second of any tv in the last couple weeks. SLOW DOWN LIFE!

  3. MNM- I actually didn't watch any hockey. I was at work yesterday, but the NewlyHusband had people over to watch. Thanks go out to Canada for putting on an amazing Olympics.

    Carissa- Don't feel bad. Before this year, I never did either. Hope everything slows down for you soon! Miss your posts.

  4. I've never cared about any sort of Winter sport, but I was totally into the Olympics. I'm with you on Apolo - he's just so smooooooth. :)

  5. My heart went out to Joannie, I do not know how she did it.

  6. I totally agree with pretty much everything you said!

    And I can't believe the DQ'd Ohno because he touched that Canadian player. He didn't push him. Lame. And Rochette totally won over my heart! Beau's favorite sport was curling. Every game we had to watch. Lol

    I can't wait for the summer Olympics though!

  7. I so agree that Curling is one of the dumbest things...Can this even be considered a realy sport??