Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Questions Answered

Hello to all my new followers and thanks to everyone who asked questions!

Elliott asked "Does your husband know you have a blog? I've encountered people who blog in secret, and their families never know about it."

Yep, the NewlyHusband does know about my blog and sometimes even reads it. However, he is the only person IRL that knows I have a blog. While my blog is not necessarily anonomous (I use my real first name and have my picture up), I don't want to have to censor what I say and worry about what people in my real life think about it. I also sometimes want to vent about something and don't want to offend anyone I know. I have thought about it and doubt I will ever tell anyone in my day to day life about this blog.

Peterson Family asked "Has your husband asked you not to blog about any part of your lives? If not, what would you say to him if he asked you not to blog about something?

He has never asked me not to blog about something. Sometimes something will happen and he'll say "Oh gosh. Are you gonna blog about this?" in a joking way. However, if he asked me specifically not to blog about something I wouldn't. You have to have that respect in a marriage. If I asked him not to tell his friends about something and he did, I would be hurt. Same concept.

Hannah asked "I just read that you're in Florida and go to college here...which one?"

Hannah, I'm at UNF. Less than 2 months till graduation!

Brittany asked "What are you going to do with your degree when you graduate soon?"

My degree is in History with a minor in Psychology, and I won't be using that at all. I am looking for a job in Human Resources. I just needed to get my Bachelors in something and I like history and psychology.

"What's your favorite candy/sweet?"

My favorite all time candy is Mike and Ikes, but lately I've been eating sour patch kids. Favorite sweet though is probably cookies.

"Did you grow up in Florida?"

I moved here when I was 8, so practically. I have lived in South Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, and upstate New York.

"What's your favorite thing about living in Florida?"

This is a great question for now, because usually I don't love living in Florida. I burn extremely easily, so I'm not a fan of the beach. But with the crazy snow the rest of the country has been getting, I'd have to say the fact that we don't have snow. I like cool weather, but I hate freezing cold weather.

CarissaJaded asked "Top five fave movies?"

1. Office Space
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Fever Pitch
4. Dirty Dancing
5. Role Models

"Fave actor of all time?"

John Travolta based on acting. Matthew McConaughey based on hotness

"Most embarrasing moment evah?"

This is a hard one. I think I seriously block embarrassing moments from my memory after they happen. I've blushed a lot in my lifetime though, so I know I've had plenty. I'll give ya 3 since I can't think of the most embarrasing ever.

1. Living with the ex- His sister had just been at our apt visiting. She left. I went into the bathroom. Came out naked and she had forgotten something and was back in our living room.

2. Used to work at Sonic. Yep, on rollerskates. I was on the patio when I saw the guy I was crushing on. Got excited and turned around to say hey. Fell flat on my ass. That was one of probably 15-20 falls while I worked there.

3. Anytime I have ever been drunk. I always wake up embarrassed. I have thrown my purse (open) down a flight of stairs, I have kicked a guy in the face, I have come thisclose to knocking down 2 tables while yelling "I wanna be 22 forever!" (That one still gets brought up a lot). Still wanna drink with me? Haha!

MandeeFoFandee asked "What do you think is the funniest word evah?"

Another hard one, but I'm gonna go with poon tang. Does that count as a word?

"Who is your favorite BL contestant this season?"

I don't have just one yet. I really like Sam and Koli. They are such hard workers and seem like really good guys. I also like O'Neil.

"Are you watching Jeff and Jordan on the Amazing Race?"

NO! And I so wanted to! I thought they were going to put it on OnDemand and they didn't and I never recorded it. How are they doing? PS, I still have Jeff on my pending friend requests on FB and now I'm getting his updates even though we're not friends.

"If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you?"

I'm assuming things doesn't include people or I would say the NewlyHusband.

1. my IPOD. I don't like silence. With the IPOD, I could fill up the deserted island with my awful singing and fab dance party skills.

2. Sunscreen. I burn so easily and so bad, I would be miserable without sunscreen.

3. Wilsonnnnnn! haha Just kidding- Sunglasses. If there is even the tiniest amount of sun out, I need my sunglasses.

Michelle S asked "puppies or kittens?"

I'm going kittens on this one. I got my cat when she was so small, I had to bottle feed her and she could fit under that little spot between the bottom of the bedroom door and the floor.

"Cake or pie?"

Cake. I like the cherry pie filling but don't love pie crust. So cake.

"Opera or ballet?"

Never seen either live, but I'd say opera. Ballet is just boring to me.

Vanessa asked "Favorite wine?"


"Do you collect anything?

I don't but my grandparents collected pencil sharpeners for me while I was growing up, so I still have all of those. They are pencil sharpeners that look like other things. Here's an example:

"Best gift ever given?"

The GPS the NewlyHusband gave me while we were dating. I am horrible at navigation, so it was an extremely thoughtful and useful gift.

"Best thing about blogging?"

I'm supposed to say the connections, right? Haha. No really though I love reading about other people and hearing what other people have to say to me. I haven't been blogging long enough to actually meet anyone but maybe one day. Also, I like having somewhere to put my thoughts.

Kishah asked "When did you start blogging and why?"

This is my first blog. I started it Sept 10, 2009 so I'm coming up on 6 months. I started blogging because of reading The Heir to Blair and LivItLuvIt (both of which can be found on my sidebar). They were both hilarious and I read every single one of their archives. One day, I thought The Life of a NewlyWife would be a perfect name for a blog for me if I ever made one. Thought about it for a couple days and figured Why not?

And last but not least, Kaz and Amy asked "What is your favorite pair of shoes to wear? The shoes you choose the most!"

Ooh! This one's easy. These boots from Kohls. So comfy!


  1. So cool! I work full time at UF and one of my classmates (I'm in a doctoral program here, too) is an adviser at UNF! I'll actually be in Jax tomorrow for a job fair. What a small world!

  2. I don't know that I could come up with an answer for 'Favorite thing about living in Florida'. Kudos to you!

  3. aww, thanks for the shout-out!! Blogging really is the best, no?

  4. I just got a GPS for Christmas. Best.Thing.Ever. Especially for someone who is prone to getting lost every time.

    I love your answers. & I love you!

  5. I think you so need to start collecting pencil sharpeners again. That toilet one is awesome!!! People asked some good questions! also? I love all of your answers and am glad you keep this blog!!!

  6. awesome! loved reading your answers :)