Monday, November 30, 2009

A Different Kind of Holiday

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent Thanksgiving at the NewlyHusband's parent's house. I tried some new foods (which is a big deal for me!): squash casserole, cornbread dressing, and pumpkin pie. The power actually went out at 2 am on Thanksgiving morning! A car hit a power line and the electricity didn't come back on until about 10:30 am. The NewlyHusband and I enjoyed some time on the pier at the beach where his parents live while the power was out. We watched a bird that had taken a shrimp from a fisherman's bait bucket and just kept hopping around with this shrimp in his mouth. I think he was scared that if he put it down to eat it, another bird would snatch it. A rational fear, I think, since the other birds seemed to be following him pretty closely. We had dinner, watched some football and ice skating, and then went to see NewlyHusband's sister and niece for a bit. A very relaxing Thanksgiving.

On Friday, we went shopping (in the late morning- no way we were getting up at 3 am and fighting the crowds.) We went to Target where I got 2 pairs of gloves for $1.50 and the game Apples to Apples for 10 bucks. I've never played it before but heard it was a blast. We then went to the mall. I wanted to go to Old Navy to check out their 50% off outerwear sale, but man it was a madhouse in there. We picked up some Christmas gifts and we each got a new pair of shoes. I got these:

for 15 bucks! We drove home Friday late afternoon and crashed early after a quick stop at Kohls.

Poor NewlyHusband hasn't been feeling well since we got back. He has very bad allergies and his parents smoke in their house which really exaggerates his allergies. It was so nice to have a couple days off to spend with the NewlyHusband and his family. Now it's back to school. This week is my last week of classes and next week is finals. Sooo I better get busy!


  1. I love the boots but I have to tell you, I'm reeling from the fact that you had never had pumpkin pie!!! Tell me you loved it!!!!!

  2. I'm glad your Tgiving was wonderful! :) Sitting on the pier sounds so romantic and nice!


    Good luck on your finals! Yay for more time!

    Hope NewlyHusband feels better! Send my get well soon wishes!

  3. MNM- Haha. My family's more about the chocolate. It was good, though! I was surprised I liked it.

    Britt- Thanks. Will do!

  4. Apples to Apples is so much fun! Our little crew plays it quite often and it is hilarious to see how people's minds work!!

  5. I've heard that Apples to Apples is a fun game. Those boots are very cute, btw.

  6. Ooh, good for you, trying new foods! I"m an extremely picky eater and always really proud when I try new things.

    Man, though, squash casserole, pumpkin pie and cornbread stuffing are all-time delights! Hopefully you're glad you tried 'em!

    Also: cute boots!

  7. MMM I'm so glad you popped your cornbread dressing cherry! I could live off that stuff! I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving... And awesome boots!They look comfy too!