Monday, November 2, 2009

I Don't Belong

in the South, that is. I know I've written about how much I love the north before, but please indulge me again.
I get why we are here. It's cheaper in the south in general plus taxes are much lower (no state tax at all- holla!) The NewlyHusband has a great job. Our families are close. But there is something in my heart telling me I belong up north.

Things I don't get/don't like about the South:
Typical Southern Food - Now don't get me wrong- I can down some fried chicken, but I'm talking more along the lines of grits and sweet tea. Ick

The Sun and the Sand- I am white people, like really pale white. I do not tan. I burn like a lobster. And yes, I did go to a Mexican beach resort for my honeymoon, but I stayed in the shade 90% of the time. The beach just isn't fun to me. I'd rather sit at the pool bar (in the shade of course!)

The intensity that surrounds college football- I mean I just don't get it. You didn't go to the school. Why do you care so much? And also why is it necessary to get dolled up in a dress and heels to tailgate and watch a game?

The North...oh the north. I miss it and want to live there, especially this time of year. It is only this week finally down into the 70's.

Things about the north that I love:

Apple picking and hay rides- that is the definition of fall for me

Boston Red Sox- It sucks not having a MLB team where we live. (And yes this is Wally in the backseat of my car on the way to the ALCS in Tampa)

And just in general (although this goes against what most would say), I have actually found people nicer (and less fake) up North than down here.
I realize these are dumb and irrational reasons, but like I said it's more of a feeling than anything else. And I realize I have it kinda good down here, so I'm not trying to complain (too much!) And to remedy this feeling, I have decided that we should take a trip somewhere up north every fall so I can get my fall in and not drive the NewlyHusband crazy with my complaining about the south. Any ideas on where we should go?

Oh and ps, my hubby is a born, bred, and raised Southerner, so I still love you southerners. :)


  1. As a northern girl, I am pretty jealous of you. 70s?! Seriously?! I'd give everything. I hate the cold. Despise the snow. One day I will live without it. I love me some sweet tea but grits? ewwww.

  2. What?! I'm sorry we can no longer associate! Hehe! JK!

    Sweet it! You're silly!!!

    You just haven't hung out at the right spot or with the right southerns...such as moi! :)

  3. Haha Britt, I knew you would have something to say! There are certain southerners I adore.

    More than my own life- it's settled then. we'll house swap! haha

  4. Well duh! :) You know me too well! Lol

  5. I can sympathize with anyone who is homesick but I'll tell you that in the dead of winter when I am freezing up here in Canada, I'll remember you basking in the sunshine down there and maybe we can trade places Lol!

  6. I hail from the South, been here all my life, and I have to agree with you! Some things just suck around here!

    I don't like sweet tea, grits, fried chicken, or football.

    I do like the warm weather, but just once I would like to have a REAL autumn!

  7. I don't belong, either. The thing that gets me the most is, like you said, the food. I don't like any of the traditional Southern food, though I've finally tried MOST of it anyway. I think the grossest though is boiled peanuts!

  8. I don't know where they are ordering it from. LC's mom's cousin deals in furniture, but it's from Universal Furniture.

  9. MNP- We'll house swap too!
    Carissa- Amen to a real autumn! I wish.
    Ronnica- Ew boiled peanuts! And my husband likes to get them and offer them to me at baseball games. They look so gross.
    Southern Belle- Thanks! It's so beautiful.

  10. I'm from Chicago-land and I've always LONGED to live in the south!!! Right now the hubs and I are in Florida, and I really don't like it!! But, we are in Southern Florida and it's HOT and I miss the fall!! And, even though Florida is the southern most continental state, I don't think it really counts as being "southern". I would LOVE to live in Georgia or South Carolina or Virginia or Alabama or Arkansas! Haha