Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner, Shopping, and Dissapointment

It's....Recap time! I don't get a weekend, so since the NewlyHusband was off for Veterans Day, Tues/Wed was kind of like my weekend.

Tuesday evening, we went to Bonefish for dinner to celebrate making it past 3 months of marriage. I know, I know, monthaverssary's are kinda dumb but we realize that a marriage takes work and darn it we want to celebrate being married and happy- we don't want to take that for granted. I shall now proceed to make your mouth water with what I had. I had a Bonefish Martini, which is vodka, champagne, and cranberry juice. It was tasty but man was it strong. Some of the sips felt like I was taking shots of straight vodka. We shared Bang Bang shrimp for an appetizer. Lemme tell you, I don't too much care for shrimp, but this is amazing! I wish I could describe the taste. The online menu describes it as "tender, crispy shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce." For dinner, I had the Lily's chicken- chicken breast with lemon basil sauce and goat cheese- with a side of herbed jasmine rice. It was a really nice date night.

Wednesday, we got up somewhat early to drive to Orlando. We were going to check out Ikea. Have you guys ever been there? It is incredible. 309,00 square feet, 2 stories of homegood heaven. The whole top story is set up as showrooms. The closets...ohmygosh...the closets. I wanted to just move into the store. They also have a little cafe and a small Swedish grocery store in there. We spent 4 hours there. We didn't really go to buy anything though, just check it out. We did leave with 2 table lamps, a ceiling light for our kitchen, and an apron for me.

After Ikea, we decided to head down to CityWalk at Universal for a drink at Margaritaville. As soon as we started pulling in, I decided I wanted to actually go into the park and ride the rides. I put on my best pouting act, but it didn't work. Haha- we did decide we'll have to go back down there just to go to Universal and Islands of Adventure. I loovvvee roller coasters and I haven't been to Universal in at least 5 years. I had the Pomegranate margarita at Margaritaville though and it was fab! While there, I found a coat I liked at the Billabong store, but it was more expensive than I would have liked, so we decided to head to the Orlando outlet mall to see if I could find something cheaper.

Here is where the dissapointment part comes in- I always thought that outlet mall meant cheaper stuff. I thought it was last season or overstock or whatever. Yeah...turns out everything at the outlet store is the same price as in the regular store. What the heck is the point of having an outlet then? NewlyHusband got some new shoes at the Nike store, but after a while, my feet were hurting and we headed home.

It was a really nice way for the NewlyHusband and I to spend some time together and it was especially nice to get out of town, even if only for a day. I can't wait till we have weekends off together again. 5 and 1/2 months!


  1. Aw! I'm glad ya'll finally got some time off together! :)

    There was a Bonefish in Macon but we never made it to eat there. We're so gonna have to go to one now though! Yay!

    I so feel you on the outlet. At the Locust Grove outlet in GA a few of the stores were good like of course the Polo outlet but I went and J. Crew and they were the same as the reg store I was like holla! Lol

  2. That is such a great way to spend the day together, love eating in a restaurant, anytime I don't have to cook or clean it up is a big plus.

    Yes, the old outlet stores. Seems they have a different definition of what an outlet is supposed to be. I'm with you, outlet should equal sale, overstock and lots of bargains!

  3. I wish to live inside Ikea. One day I hope to have a house filled with stuff from there.

    Your date night sounds amazing. How adorable. I love date nights, they never grow old. 8)

    I'm super jealous you like near Universal. I went there once. I'm a wuss though and hate roller coaster and most other scary rides.

    I hate that with outlets. It all depends on which ones you go to.

  4. From everything I've heard, the first months of marriage can be's definitely worth celebrating!