Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Tired

I realize it's Thanksgiving week and there's some unspoken rule that we should all write about what we're thankful for. In an effort to not conform, I've decided to kind of do the opposite and write a post of the things I'm tired of. But no worries, I do have plenty of gratitude, so look for a post of things I'm thankful for tomorrow.

I'm tired of:

  • my pants being too tight
  • my neck being in constant pain
  • homework and studying
  • not speaking my mind
  • being afraid
  • working weekends
  • missing church
  • living on the westside
  • my vision getting worse
  • things breaking
  • not having enough time

What are you tired of?


  1. I'm tired of my motor gut! Wish I could just buckle down and lose the baby fat!