Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gym?

Before the NewlyHusband left for work today:

NH: You want to go the gym tonight?

Me:Abso-freaking-lutely *(Side Note: I never gained the freshman 15 in college but I very well may gain the new wife 15. This is what happens when all week, you sit at school, you sit at home to do homework, and on the weekends, you sit at a desk at work. That's a helluvalotta sitting. So you can see why I was so excited when my husband asked if I would like to go to the gym)*

While he is at work, through email:

Me: Porkchops for dinner tonight? *(Side Note: Don't be jealous. My man makes the best grilled porkchops EVA!)*

NH: After the gym?

Me: Of course.

Later on, through email again:

NH: Are you really gonna let me watch football tonight?

Me: You're gonna make me go to the gym AND watch football? Woah Woah Woah..*(Side Note: I am SO not a football fan. I have a blast at the games. I have zero desire to ever watch it on tv.)*

NH: Actually hun, I'm not really feeling the gym tonight.

Me: Oh good. I was sooooo not feeling it either.

I have got to do something. I have gained a pant size. Mind you, I am not a big girl, I realize this, but still.... I do not want to gain the "wife fifteen" as I'm calling it less than 2 months into our marriage. It is just so hard to get motivated to go work out. I actually enjoy the gym when I'm there. It's the getting there that's hard.

How do you get motivated?


  1. Two words: Costa Rica, baby.

    Oh wait, that was three. But STILL.


  2. haha, clearly I am the least helpful at weight loss slash getting active inspiration, as my first reaction to this post was: "Mmmm, pork chops!"

    I think you definitely do have the right idea, though, with making getting active part of your routine as a couple. Maybe start having some physically exerting dates? Playing tennis, going for hikes, or even just walking somewhere you would usually drive? Or maybe enrolling in a class would be fun! Kickboxing or bellydancing or something totally absorbing and bizarre and wonderful!

    Or, of course, you could just eat the pork chops and enjoy being curvy.