Friday, September 11, 2009

Trying Wine

I have never liked wine. But for some reason, in the past week or so I have really enjoyed it (Read: brought a bottle home almost every day). People say that it is an aquired taste...I started out with Berringer White Zinfandel-because that is what we had in our fridge- and the Newly Husband and I finished the bottle the next day. Yum! Went out to dinner with friends the other night and the friend ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir- I also liked that. He then ordered a dessert wine- a Moscato something or other. Also very good. So I'm all proud of myself for being a grown up and enjoying wine...The husband was gone last night, so I decided to try the Cabernet we had had in our fridge for a long time---Gross! I poured the glass out into the sink. So of course the husband had to try it tonight- he actually spit it out into the sink.

Turns out the wine had seperated or something in the bottle...yeahhh still think it turned me off of trying Cabernet again for a long time. Think I'll stick with my beginner wines for now.


  1. Oh no! Definitely give a fresh cab a shot! After a few days, wine is only good for cooking with, and after a few more days, it's not even good for that.

    Also, in re: beginner wines, I totally feel you. I'm more of a classic cocktail girl and only drink wine when it's like Socially The Right Thing To Do, but my favorite type of wine is Riesling, and when I bring a bottle as a hostess gift, all my friends mock the unbearable diabetic sweetness. Whatever. I know it's delish.

  2. Ohhh thanks for the info! The husband's favorite type is Riesling, but I haven't tried it yet.

  3. I didn't start liking wine til this summer either. We had a few weddings to go to so I had to start liking it! :) Anywho. I love the zinfandel wines the best myself.

    We went out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays last Friday. I'm not sure if it is everywhere but they have some $4/glass wines. The waitress talked me into getting a pink. It was uber wonderful! Seriously.

    It wasn't tart like most wines. She said they took wine and mix some fruit juice in with it and it has chunks of fruit. It definitely won me over. Enough to go back for dinner there more often just so I can have some more wine! :)
    Have a fabulous day sweets!
    xo -Brittany