Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok I admit it...I am quite the tv whore. I'm not lazy, I promise! Ok...maybe a little...sometimes.

So, because you obviously care about what I do in my downtime, and because I don't have anything better to write today, here are the shows I watch regularly:

Big Brother-The season has ended, but I am excitedly looking forward to next. I have watched almost every season of this show and can't get enough. If I went on any reality show, this would be the one.

Project Runway-This is only maybe the second season I've really gotten into, but I am enjoying it. I could never be a clothing designer. And hello- they made clothes out of newspaper- woah!

Drop Dead Diva- New show on Lifetime that I absolutely love!

How I Met Your Mother- Hi-larious! Last season was the first I had ever watched and I love it.

What Not to Wear- I would love for Stacy and Clinton to go through my closet and tell me what they think and then give me $5000 bucks to spend on new clothes. Heaven, I tell ya, heaven.

CSI/CSI Miami/CSI New York/NCIS/NCIS LA/Numbers- I group these all together because these are the On Demand shows that the NewlyHusband and I watch when we eat dinner. Sometimes, I wonder why the hell we watch these while we are eating.

The Biggest Loser- If you can watch this and not cry, you have no heart. Seriously, I cry every episode.

If I'm bored and there is nothing else on, I just find other On Demand shows (I don't like commercials), like Psych, 18 Kids and Counting, The Little Couple, Little People Big World, etc. post makes it seem like I spend all day every day watching tv. I don't- I spend much more time on the internet...hmm and that statement made me seem like a 50 year old fat bald guy typing from his mother's basement...promise I'm not that either.

Well, guess I better shut off the tv, get off the internet, and actually do something. Homework or bake banana bread- hmmm.


  1. Bahaha. I'm such a TV whore too!!! I'm so glad the fall season is here because I have made it my goal in life to make sure that I have something on my dvr every night. Mission accomplished.

    I have a guilty pleasure of all the pageant shows! My mom put me in em when I was little and I did em til my tomboy stage hit around 12. And I secretly wished I had kept doing them instead of like 10 years of softball. Hehe.

    Anywho. 'King of Crowns' comes on tonight right after 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. Agh. Love it. :) YAY!

    Oh and how much did Tracy make you mad last night on The Biggest Loser! I felt so bad for Coach Moe. It's not his fault his teammate is a psycho, bi polar, crazy...woman! Haha. And them sacrificing to let Shay stay. I cried. Goodness I'm such a baby. I cry about everything. Lol

  2. Brittany-

    Oh my goodness, Tracy is one crazy chick. What pissed me off the most was that every one else in that first challenge consulted with their teammates- she just stepped over that line without even talking to him. So not cool. My husband laughs at me every week when I cry. Haha

  3. I love Project Runway and the Biggest Loser and I totally want Abby to win, mainly because she lost her hubz and two CSI/Law & Order reruns only...but I literally HATE Stacy London and Clinton...they are mean assholes who don't allow people to have t-shirts in their wardrobe! UGH!!! Seriously though, I love catching up on TV shows on DVD with our Netflix...we have picked up so many shows like Weeds, The L Word, and Dexter...on a side note, if you have never watched Six Feet Under, you need to start...I have the entire 5 season box set and we have a marathon of all the seasons at least once every 6 months!

  4. Someone lent me HIMYM a week ago...

    I woke up at 5:30 this morning to watch three episodes before work.


  5. ok so i have a few suggestions. from one tv junkie to another...

    modern family- new and freaking hilarious.
    glee- sure youve heard of it... if u like musicals. or music, or sneaky little dramas. you will love this.
    flash forward- pretty good so far.
    arrested development- possibly the best show ever. funny funny funny!!!

    PS. like your blog i just had to comment on this one...
    come say hi to me anytime

  6. fingers crossed you chose to make banana bread!!! xx

  7. HIMYM is totally funny and completely under rated. I don't think enough people watch it.

    I would suggest It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It is seriously pee in your pants funny.

    Don't worry about the TV whore thing. I don't even have cable and still manage to watch about ten shows regularly.

    gossip girl, project runway, it's always sunny, melrose place, the office...the list probably is longer than that but it is all i can think of right now.