Friday, September 18, 2009

My Affinity for the North

Well the Northeast I should probably say...

I love it. We lived in upstate New York when I was in elementary school (left after 2nd or 3rd grade). My dad was born and raised outside of Boston. My aunts still live there and my grandmother lives in Plymouth.

I now live in Florida and have since I was 8 (minus a few month stint in Arizona). Florida's great and all. I get cold when it's 60 degrees out or heck even when it's 70 if the wind is blowing. So of course the temperature is a plus. But, to reiterate, I've lived here since I was EIGHT! I'm tired of it.

I love love love Boston. It is my absolute favorite city in the US. I actually wanted to go to UMass after high school, but was given a scholarship that was only good for in-state schools and couldn't really give that up.

Another plus of Florida- no state taxes and it's pretty damn cheap to live here compared to a lot of the US, especially the Northeast. So it would be a financial shocker for us to live up there (although if we ever strike it rich, a house on the Cape is the first thing we're buying after we pay off debt).

However, temperature and money considered, I still love it up there. I want to live up there at some point in my life. I want this with a passion.

But guess what...I went and married a Georgia boy. Born and raised in Georgia, he moved to Florida about 10 years ago and loves it here. He says he couldn't survive in the snow.

So I guess my dream of living up north is dashed. I mean sure it'll be great to still be in Florida when we have kids- both our parents are close enough to babysit. And the Newly Husband has a really great job here with awesome job security- something I wouldn't want him to leave, especially in this economy.

But I'm dissapointed. I mean yeah I knew this when I said yes to his proposal, just like I knew my cat would have to live with my mom forever (he's allergic). And he is a wonderful, loving, caring, husband. And practically, it probably makes sense for us to stay here. But the dissapointment is still there and probably won't go away for a while. And hey, I just may apply for jobs up there after I graduate and who knows- if I just happen to get offered a sweet gig, he may actually put some thought into it.

A girl can dream, right?


  1. HEY! I live in Florida, too! I actually love it here. I never thought I'd leave but I'm thinking I'm going to have to one day. I love the weather and the fact that you're never too far from a great get-away vacation!

    But since I want to work in the publishing/magazine world, there's not too many opportunities in Florida for that. And I don't know how I'm going to survive in the cold. I throw on a jacket when it gets below 65!

  2. I know what you mean. I LOVE the east coast, especially the north east. Where I have been born and raised and went to school... Where I met my Baltimore boyfriend of now four years.

    He says he'll go anywhere I want, which is amazing and I love him dearly. But he's down there getting his masters and has already got connections and a community there making it easier for him to get a job. And I have nothing keeping me anywhere except him.

    You're right, a girl can definitely dream. Never say never. :)