Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Break!

So I know I promised to write my dream Christmas list on Friday. But Friday sucked and I had no time to blog as I was writing a 13 page paper all day. Seriously this last week seemed like one of the longest of my life. Researching and studying Monday-Wednesday. Two finals on Friday which consisted of a total of 3 essays and 5 short answers. Boy, was my hand hurting by the end of it all.

Buttt now I'm officially on Christmas Break! Woohoo! I have lots of planned blog posts coming up, so look for me to be much more blog active in the next few weeks. As for today, I am going to share an award I got from the fabulous Brittany over at Tales of a Southern Belle and her Beau. Her blog is one of those that I look forward to reading every day. Thanks Britt for the sweet award!

For this award, I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy and then tag 10 blogs that make me smile.

So, 10 things that make me happy:

1. The NewlyHusband. I know, I know, how obvious. But it's true. My life would certainly be less amazing without him in it.

2. Great conversations. I love it when you get into a conversation with someone and neither of you can stop talking. There are no awkward silences, but plenty of "I know!"'s and "That is SO true!"'s cuz you are on the exact same page.

3. The Christmas season. The reason for the season, Jesus' birth, makes me incredibly happy. I also love the music, the shopping, the crisp air (something we don't always have here), the general hustle and bustle, the wrapping, the decorations, seeing the look on someone's face when they open a really great gift.

4. Keeping with that theme, New Years Eve. New Years Eve is my second favorite holiday. I love the celebration that comes with ending one year and beginning a new one. Celebrating memories from the past and goals from the future. And it has become even more special, since that was the night that the NewlyHusband proposed to me.

5. Game nights. Game nights are my fave, especially the ones that end with me on the floor laughing. Give me some snacks, a drink, fun friends, and a board game (or card game), and I am a happy camper.

6. Dinner. Dinner is my favorite time of the day. The NewlyHusband and I do not get much time together, but we make sure to have dinner together pretty much every single night. I start thinking about what's for dinner before I even eat lunch. If something gets in the way of my dinner plans, I get very dissapointed.

7. Blogging. It's not something I ever thought about doing or wanted to do until I read The Heir to Blair and and Live it Love it. These girls were my blogging inspiration and gave me hours upon hours (ok I lie, days upon days) of entertainment reading their archives. I now really enjoy putting my thoughts out there for others to see and enjoy the connections I've made.

8. Music. I work out better with my IPOD, I clean better with my IPOD. I need music to get me going. I need music in my car. And yes, I sing and jam along. I sing my heart out in the car, I dance in the shower. Music just makes me happy.

9. Church. I have not been since the middle of March, because I work every Sunday, and this kind of depresses me. I am so so excited that I can go to the 11pm Christmas Eve service. I cannot wait to be done with this job and start going every Sunday again.

10. Vacation. My favorite thing in the world is just getting away. I love the feeling of being away from home, experiencing new things, having no responsiblities, even if it's only for a few days. The feeling of being on a trip is a feeling that nothing else compares to.

I am going to be a rule breaker today and only tag 5 blogs, because I need to get my butt off the couch and get moving. Along with the 5 below, don't forget to check out the 3 great blogs mentioned above.

1. Carissa Jaded. Heeeee-larious! Her blog makes me laugh out loud daily. I love it.
2.It Starts With Us. I have only recently started following Nate's blog, since joining It Starts With Us, but I highly recommend it. It will make you think and if you like what you see, it's easy to join in!
3.More is Better. Another blog to make you literally LOL.
4. Not That Kind of Girl. This chick has some bravado and is a complete inspiration to get out there and try something new.
5.Strawberry Swing and Other Things. A newer blog with some yummy recipes and some even yummier fashions.


  1. Congratulations! Love these lists helping us get to know one another, who doesn't love vacation, how did that only come in at #10?! Lol!!

  2. I love game nights. Last weekend we played Phase 10 multiple times! So much fun!!!

    I'm glad you're back! And you can de-stress for a bit!

  3. my favorite thing in the WORLD is a vacation.

    also, your blog recs are going to be the death of me. just started reading More is Better and I'm addicted already.

  4. Congrats on making it through finals! And thanks for the blog love!

  5. MNM- Good question! It shoulda been farther up there.

    Britt- We play Phase 10 all the time! Love it.

    Mandee- You're welcome ;)

    NTKOG- Thanks!

  6. Nothing makes me as happy as going on vacation. I wish I had enough money to vacation all the time. I'd be the happiest person ever. No lie.

    All the things on your list make me happy (well except exchanging your hubby with my love!). Great list!!

  7. AWW I suck at life!!! How did I miss this!!?? Ohh probably because I'm so very behind on my reader! YOU are awesome and THANKS SO MUCH!!!

    Oh. And game nights and dinner are two of my favorite things in the entire universe and beyond!