Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End and The Beginning

Today is my last day off before 3 days of work and then I'm back to school on Monday. Today is the last day of 2009. Today is the last day of the decade. Goodbye 2000's, Hello 2010's (or whatever the heck we're calling them).

2009 was a good year. I won't go into the whole decade, because honestly, I can't remember all that. I love New Years because of the celebration of things past and the hopefulness of things to come.

This is what I am looking forward to in 2010:

-Graduating! This is numero uno on my list- being done with my Bachelors in April. Although I am stoked to be almost done with school, the nerves have started to kick in a bit about job searching. Hopefully I will be able to find something good by May. Going along with this is quitting my current job when I graduate, so I won't be working weekends anymore.

-Buying a new house! We want to put our house up for sale sometime in January and buy something by April. The house we live in now is actually the NewlyHusband's. He has owned it for a little over 5 years and I just moved in here before we got married. It's not a bad house, but we would like something a little newer, in a different part of town, that we can really make ours.

-Getting healthier. Notice this one does not have an exclamation point, because I am not really looking forward to it. I like good food and I don't have a whole lot of motivation to work out. However, I do not like myself when I look in the mirror. I get depressed about this body that I've never had before. It's hard getting rid of all your jeans because they no longer fit and donating all your shirts that are too fitted. The NewlyHusband is doing a Biggest Loser competition at his job, so we are planning on getting up early together every morning to hit the gym. Getting healthy will also include drinking less soda and way more water and thinking a bit more about what I put in my mouth. I will never be a health nut when it comes to food, but I can at least make a little bit better decisions.

-Being more responsible in my walk with God. I do not currently go to church because I work every Sunday, but I need to make an effort to actually read my Bible and talk to God more.

-Learning to cook more. I would love to make something new at least once a month to put a little variety in our meals.

-Seeing our good friends get married in May.

-Celebrating our first anniversary in August with some sort of vacation.

So, here's to 2010! May it be a great year for us all!


  1. You have some great resolutions! Congrats on graduating this year... I wish you the best girl! Happy New Year! To good things that will come! **cheers

  2. Aw. Wonderful resolutions!

    2010 is going to be a great year for ya. I just know!

    Have a happy and safe New Years Eve!

    Happy New Year!

  3. We're looking forward to seeing our good friends get married in April! So exciting :-)

    Happy New Year, love.

  4. Those are great goals.

    Happy 2010!

  5. I'm all about getting healthier this year! Happy new year!

  6. We do have several goals in common for 2010! Good stuff - we can encourage each other to keep at it - especially the eating healthy part! That is going to be a struggle for me too!

    Happy New Year My Dear!

  7. Hey Tara, I noticed you're a blog friend / reader of Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty Something Years Old. Me and a bunch of friends are trying to get her to be featured in 20SB for February. She's awesome, right?

    So if you have an account in 20-Something Bloggers please help vote for her. All you have to do is visit here and write "I vote for Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty-Something Years Old" or "I second this nomination" :D

    Thanks so much before, I hope you participate! Happy new year!

    ps. I'm so not looking forward for the whole getting-healthy resolution too. I'm cranky when I'm near a gym :p

  8. Yes, buy that house! I moved into my husband's home when we married and rented mine out. I never felt like it was my home. We are now in a home that we both contributed money towards. This is "our" home.

    Yes, those fitness goals. Good luck with them, I'm struggling to lose 35 pounds myself this year. Let's get that job done!

  9. I am so with you on the Getting Healthy thing. Good luck!

  10. Thanks for all the resolution support everyone! And Andhari- I'll go vote now. :)