Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lessons on Cherry Pie

Well hello again! Christmas is over, the in laws have left, and I'm enjoying my last couple days of freedom before school starts again (my last semester!!)

Christmas was wonderful. We spent Christmas morning at our house with my in laws. The NewlyHusband and I then went to my parents to exchange gifts, where eventually we were joined by the rest of the family, including his parents. It was wonderful to be able to spend Christmas with both our families in the same spot, so we didn't have to worry about splitting our time. We had 17 people total at my parents house!

As this was my first Christmas as a wife, I do believe I was allowed some kitchen mishaps...and I had one. I decided to make a cherry pie. How hard can that be, right? I bought two pre-made pie crusts in the tins and took them out of the fridge to get them to room temp (that's what the directions said to do.) What they don't tell you is that if you are using one of the pie crusts as the top, you should probably take it out of the tin before you thaw it or it will just crumble in your hands. It did crumble. But I wasn't going to just give up! I filled the bottom with two cans of cherry pie filling and pieced together the other crust on top. It was ugly as hell, sure, but I thought it would still taste good, so who cares. I put it straight in the oven (mishap #2- apparently you're supposed to put it on top of a cookie sheet first). Checked it 15 min later and half of the top had fallen onto the bottom of the oven. At this point, I decided to give up on the pie and throw it away. I put on some oven mitts, grabbed the pie, and went to throw it in the sink.

Right before I got to the sink, the pie folded in and fell. Covered the sink, the counter, the cupboards, the floor, and the new Christmas socks I was wearing. I really wish I had a picture of our kitchen covered in cherry pie. So there ya go. This is the life of a newlywife.

In other news, my nieces and nephew's mom found out she is pregnant again, so I will be getting a fourth niece or nephew. And.... the guy that was the best man at our wedding proposed to his girlfriend at Christmas. So that was really exciting news!

Hope everyone reading had a wonderful holiday. I am off to find a dress to wear tomorrow night!


  1. Aww honey! Mishaps in the kitchen are a must I found out. We all have them. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas How exciting that everyone was at the same place and no splitting holidays. Awesome. YAY for becoming an aunt for the 4th time! I'm super jealous. I press my sister all the time to have another one. It's a no go. Boo.

    I can't wait to see pics of the dress, I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!

  2. we're in a fight because you didn't take a picture of your cherry pie kitchen. I would have LOVED to see that. kudos to you for the attempt though! :D

  3. Mandee, at the time all that came out of my mouth was "SHIT!" at the top of my lungs, which Trey's parents thought was pretty funny. We were done with cleanup by the time I started to think it was pretty funny and woulda liked a picture.

  4. Haha. Aw. Your poor thing! It's the thought that counts. I'm sure that would have been the best cherry pie! :)

    Yay for last semester!!!

  5. Well at least you had some wonderful news to celebrate. I'm sorry I laughed out loud at your cherry pie incident. Bet you kitchen looked like a crime scene after that mishap!

  6. I blew up the oven one year, if that makes you feel any better.. Happy New Year!

  7. MNM- Oh don't worry. When I relayed the story to my family, they all laughed out loud too.

    Britt- Thanks! I'll try again one day.

    MTMOL- This one was a surprise for everyone, including them!

    Cheryl- Yep that kinda does. Haha Thanks and happy New Year!