Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Only a hippopotamus will do...
Ok I don't really want a hippo for Christmas- they're violent, aren't they? When I was little, I wanted Shamu for Christmas. My mom told me we didn't have a big enough backyard...ahh the dissapointments we face as children. Anyways (yes I know there's not an s on "anyway" but that's how I like to say it), let's get to the point...My Christmas list! Lots of bloggers have posted their Christmas lists lately and who am I not to jump on the bandwagon? Today, I will post my realistic Christmas list. The stuff I actually want, ya know, in case anyone's paying attention. Tomorrow, I'll post my dream Christmas list (the stuff I'm not near spoiled enough for).
My Christmas List for 2009
Cashmere sweater from Kohls- they're on sale for 30 bucks people! And 100% cashmere. Score!

Knee high socks- I need socks to wear with my boots, so my boots don't rub against my legs. I like fun socks, not plain socks.

Scarves (Or is it scarfs? I never know)- It doesn't get too cold here in Florida, but I do need a scarf every once in a while and I only own one. This one from AE would do, but I'm not picky

A nice coat. I have one leather jacket for when it's really chilly and a bunch of hoodies. A nice pea coat would be fab, maybe this one from Aeropostale or something similar but a bit longer would be better.

A study guide for the PHR, which I plan on taking after graduation

A cookbook for beginners or for picky eaters.

And of course, gift cards so I can go shopping myself! My favorite part of after-Christmas is getting to go shopping with the gift cards I got for Christmas. I also like getting restaurant gift cards, so the NewlyHusband and I can go out to eat without feeling guilty.


  1. I just bought some tall socks and I absolutely love them!!! And cuttteee jacket. GreatChristmas list!

  2. I love those socks! I don't own any white socks except for tennis shoes. Ha.

    And I love pea coats! There so cute!

  3. I came back to let you know I now have that Hippopotamus for Christmas in my head and I'm not happy about it. I'll survive though. :)

  4. Haha CJ- I was hoping that would happen ;)

  5. I want that argyle sweater and the scarf. And a hippo, because they are cute. 8)

  6. I also have the hippopotamus song in my head now, but it's okay, cause it's my favorite!

    a nice pea coat is also on my Christmas list this year. I have a couple nice light jackets, but I need something heavy duty to actually serve some purpose and not just look cute!

  7. I asked my boyfriend for a Killer Whale for Christmas! He said no. Can you believe that? .. Why am I dating him anyway..

  8. How about this weather right now? We might actually be able to bust out the scarves here in FLA!