Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Good and the Bad

It was a great weekend and it was a sad weekend. And today is shaping up to be a frustrating day. Let me explain.

I went to a surprise birthday party on Saturday night. Now, I have to leave my house at 6am every Saturday and Sunday for work, so as you can imagine, I usually don't go out Friday or Saturday night. And I wasn't planning on it Saturday. But some friends called and I couldn't turn it down. The NewlyHusband was out of town golfing and it was his friend's surprise party, so I figured I better represent for us. It was a blast! I stayed till midnight, which I know doesn't sound that late, but is for this chick that likes to get her sleep before work. Here's the birthday boy's shirt.

Monday was Columbus Day and since the NewlyHusband is lucky enough to work in a financial institution, we had a day off together. We did a tour and tasting at San Sebastian Winery. Always wonderful to have a day off with the hubby!

Now on to the not so good. First of all, the reason I am home writing this blog post right now instead of in class where I should be is because my car battery is dead. I was running late as usual this morning, ran out to my car thinking if I hurry I can make it to class on time, stuck the key in the ignition, and got that awful sound that is the car saying "Idiot. You left your trunk open, which means the inside light was on all night long. So, yeah, I'm not starting up for you today." There is no one around to jump my car, so I will probably be missing all 3 of my classes today. Not good. 2 will be handing back midterms and they all take roll.

And on to the worst part of the weekend. We were pretty slow at work on Sunday, so I was able to catch most of the Red Sox game. They scored more runs in the first 3 innings than they had in the last 2 games comined, so I was hopeful. They put Pap in in the 8th, so I'm thinking "We got this. We're in it for at least one more game." Andddd I don't know what happened. Papelbon was not all there. And so, my beloved Sox got swept by the Angels. And now I need to root for those Angels to beat the Yankees. Until next season, Sox. See ya in Spring Training.


  1. Where do you work that you have to work on the weekends? And what school do you go to? And, I've done that many times to my car and woken up to a dead car battery. Luckily, my SUV now has auto headlights and indoor lights and I have a hatch on the back so I don't have to worry anymore...

  2. in re: Sox: I KNOW! I was so psyched for my first SOXTOBER in Boston, then the whole thing ended up being three pretty lame games. (Although, being from California, it's not too hard to keep rooting for the Angels in the absence of the Sox. As long as they beat the Yankees.)

  3. KC- I work at a hospital as a unit clerk. Just to get me through school- as soon as I get my BA, I'll be outta there. Like the job, hate the schedule. And I go to UNF.

    NTKOG- I'm not happy, but as long as the Yankees don't win, it's all good!

  4. Oh how was the wine tasting..fun?!

    I'm sorry about missing you're classes. Tell your professors you think it's the 24 hour swine flu and you didn't want to spread it. Haha.

  5. Brittany- The tasting was ok. It's a very small winery, so it was a really short tour. And a lot of the wine is made from Florida Muscadine grapes, which tastes more like juice to me. But it was free, so that's a plus.

  6. GO ANGELS. I hate to root for not-the-Sawx, but it's time for our other team, ABTY (Anybody But The Yankees), right? ;-)

  7. You got it Lilu! We have 2 favorite teams- the Sox and anyone playing the Yankees. I would love for the World Series to escape ARod yet again.