Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reality Stars That I Hate

Look, I don't hate anybody in real life. Sure there are people who annoy the hell out of me and people who I have no desire to hang out with or even come into contact with ever, but there is no hate in this heart. There are, however, three reality tv "stars" that I feel this hatred towards. Maybe it's easy to take out aggression on these people who insist on aggravating me on my television set. Maybe these people just shouldn't exist (no really that may be too harsh). And yes, I know that I make the choice to watch these reality shows and that I could turn them off if I wanted to.

So, here goes: my top 3 hated reality tv "stars"

Number 3- Natalie from last season's Big Brother. This chick was awful- she was incredibly annoying, slept in the HOH room every week even though it took her until the end to actually win HOH, thought she was better than everybody. And the kicker- the episode where her boyfriend showed up and proposed. She showed no excitement and then lied about it even happening. She was 10 times more excited to win HOH than to accept the marriage proposal. Thank goodness she didn't win. The hate has died down now that I am not watching her three times a week.

Number 2- Heidi and Spencer Pratt from The Hills. I was going to just sat Spencer, because he is the world's biggest douche, but Heidi too because she puts up with it. The Hills is the show I watch when I've already watched all the other On Demand shows that I watch and there isn't much else that interests me. We could probably write a whole blog on the dickhead things Spencer has done, but how bout just the most recent? When he and Heidi were house shopping, he brought her to a house to look at. She said she didn't like it, but there were some aspects she liked. He said "Good. Cuz I already put an offer in." Dude bought a freaking house without talking to his wife about it first. My husband would be hurtin if he did this. Last episode, Spencer kicked a little kid out of their house that Heidi was watching and playing with, telling the kid to "say goodbye forever." My hate for him really does continue on to her though, because she married him and she puts up with all he does. She deserves the crappy marriage.

Number 1- And most fresh in my mind, Tracy from this season's Biggest Loser. How the hell does she keep winning challenges and controlling the game? That's gotta be the devil's work or something. She screws everyone over every episode, is a complete liar, and an annoying crybaby. I almost threw the remote at the tv last night when they didn't send her home. And now I dislike the whole blue time, because with all their whining and bitching about Tracy, they still didn't send her home. They also deserve everything they get. If I ran into her in the street, it would take a lot of self control not to punch her.

And yes, I do realize I am a complete loser for writing a whole post on reality tv.


  1. Oh em gee! I don't watch Big Brother. But the other hit the nail on the head!

    Speidi! UGH! I absolutely dislike them sooooo effin much! Last night, the way he treated that poor kid. If I was his parents when I saw that I'd kick his bootay! Seriously! They are such attention whores!

    And Tracey! I cried when Coach Mo was all like send me home bc I can't pull my weight! WHAT! It was so rigged for her to get the 'golden ticket'! She split up every team but the orange team! And herself of course! Coach Mo carried her ass til she 'got better' and he went home! UGH! She keeps their ratings up so their is a behind the scenes conspiracy to keep her there! Haha (Prolley not but still)

    Anyways. Enough ranting from me! :) Have a great day doll!

  2. Britt- I may agree with you on the conspiracy. How the heck does she keep winning the competitions? If it wasn't for Coach Mo, she wouldn't have even made it back and she sends him home. BIATCH!

  3. How true you are my friend! She'd been laying in that hospital bed and then going straight home without Coach Mo! I can't decide who I want to win. I pretty much like all the black team though. I can't wait to see their skinny booties at the finale!

  4. Only know Natalie, but I get what you mean. There was a point in the season though that I simply gave up my dislike of her. Still didn't like her, but I was okay with her.