Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Google Reader

Since I am new to this whole blogosphere, I am constantly adding to my Google Reader. I love finding new, fun blogs to read. And I'm sure that you all love finding new blogs to read also. So I have decided to devote this post to the blogs I have in my reader and hopefully give you some new reads (Oh! Don't leave here though, k? K.) I couldn't put all of them in here, so I picked just 12. Hope you enjoy!

1. Live It, Love It Who doesn't have LiLu in their reader? Seriously, almost every blog I've clicked on has this blog on their blogroll. She can be counted on to post daily throughout the week, so you never have to go too long without her. She is hilarious and seems like the kind of girl everyone wants to be friends with. She does a special called TMI Thursdays, which you absolutely have to check out. It has become a phenomenon in the blogosphere and many other bloggers play along. This is the girl who inspired me to blog.

2. The Heir to Blair The Heir to Blair is the only blog other than Live It, Love It that I have actually read all the archives on. It is a pregnancy blog and she actually just passed her due date, so the little one should be here any day now. I promise this is the funniest pregnancy blog you will ever read. She is extremely witty and just, well, fabulous. She balances the funny with the sincere in a way that makes you want to read more.

3. Just A Titch I was drawn to this blog initially because my old roomie calls me Titch. I've stuck around cuz there is something about Amy that is just very readable and relatable. She is a teacher, which leads to some really funny stories. She blogs about herself and her life and is another one of those gals that just by reading, you could see yourself being friends with. Her blog posts almost always make me laugh.

4. Caramel Covered Photographs. I have only recently found this blog and I love it. She is such a sweetie, and a lot of time when she posts something, I think "Me too!"

5. 2 Dogs and a Blog Kari is a newlywed, like me, blogging about her life. Just a very real blog andplusalso she posts Recipe Tuesdays. Yum! Her most recent is a hot chicken casserole that I may have to try to make next week.

6. A Lion Inside Me Among other things, Sessa posts about her adventures in journalism school. I'll just say that I don't think I could ever do it. Lots of laughs.

7. Dara on the Hunt Dara was posting about her job search and the interesting happenings that come with it. She did get a job though, so I'm interested to see what direction her blog goes in now. She's a lot of fun.

8. Middle Aged Waitress If you have ever served in a restaurant before, you have to check out this blog. I'm sure you will relate. Oh it makes me so so happy I'm out of restaurants.

9. Not That Kind of Girl Not That Kind of Girl moved to Boston from Cali and is blogging about doing things that she would usually not do. If you haven't checked her out yet, I highly recommend it.

10. Tales of a Southern Belle and Her Beau I kinda feel like Brittany and I are blog buddies. Is that weird? Probably. Such a nice girl and I really enjoy her blog.

11. The Other 98 Cents KC blogs about the crazy goings ons in celebrity gossip, etc. She seriously cracks me up, and most of the time I totally agree with her.

12. Vanessaings Vanessa ties the majority of her blog posts to songs and I have found a few great new songs through her blog.

For other great reads (cuz I'm a cheater like that), check out My Husband is Annoying, Lemmonex's Out of the Frying Pan and into the Mire, The Pilgrim Congress, Reinventing Sandy B, and Shopaholic Social Worker


  1. AW! :) I feel like we are friends too! Woo hoo! That made me smile!

  2. Thanks for the bloggy love!!!! Oh, the directions my blog will go in will BLOW YOUR MIND! haha Right now I just need to get over this knee surgery.

    Thank you so much for the shout out! I love your blog too!!!

  3. So I need a lesson in the proper etiquette in blogging comments. LOL

    I always subscribe by email so I don't miss a comment and I reply back under my comment...does everyone know that I comment back. Or should I write my reply back under their post?

    Your lovely, educated help would be mucho great Tara! Haha! :)

  4. Girllll...I am so not educated in blog etiquette! If anyone else reads this and can help Brittany out, that'd be great. I think you are doing it right though.

  5. Haha. I just want to make sure you get my responses! I usually reply on my post under the comment but then I worry people don't get it! Lol I don't want you to think what a beyotch..she never replies to my comments!

    Savannah GA? I wish we would have made it there while we were down here! Maybe we'll make it there eventually!

  6. Lover, you just made my WEEK. Thank you so, SO much for your kind words!

    xoxoxoxoxo and a big fat e-hug!

  7. Oh wow, I feel flippin' special. Seriously, I bragged about this over dinner last night "So my newest blog friend mentioned *ME* on her blog!" & Vito being the best he can be, gets so excited for me. Love him. Thank you for mentioning me and giving me more blogs to read! LOVE it! 8)

  8. Thanks for the mention, I feel like a celebrity, kinda! I LOVE that we're blog friends... bc I love this blog and I think you're the cat's pajamas! Wait, was that lame? Oh well, you already proclaimed on your blog that you like me, so you're stuck with me! :)

  9. Hey! Thanks a bunch for the shout out. My middleaged waitressing heart is all warm and fuzzy now. :-)