Monday, October 5, 2009

The Wino and I Know

Yes, I stole the title of my post today from a Jimmy Buffett song.

My little sister turns 21 today! Wow. I feel a tiny bit old because of that. We are going out as a family tonight for Mexican to celebrate (yum!) The NewlyHusband and I got her an ABC Liquor gift card. I got one of those when I turned 21 and it was one of my favorite gifts. You know, we all drink before we turn 21 (oh you didn't? Uhh...yeah me neither- nope not a sip of alcohol till my 21st...ha actually I think I drank more when I was 19 and 20 then when I was 21), but it's fun to be able to actually buy something from the liquor store after you turn 21. I am excited for her, but yeah, if you live in North Florida, just watch your back on the road. Haha.

So, I know you're all dying with curiosity as to what the NewlyHusband and I did with our rare day off together. Yeah, don't lie. You were at your computer, checking your reader every 5 minutes- what did Tara do on Saturday...oh I can't stand the suspense- post Tara post!
Well, I'm here to tell ya. We spent our wedding gift cards and went to Total Wine. Our experience at Total Wine:
We pull up into the parking lot and see all these people with grocery carts. The NewlyHusband and I scoff and converse about what lushes these people must be to need a grocery cart in a store that carries nothing but alcohol. So we walk in and look around in awe, start checking out the wine.... we made it about 2 aisles into the store when the NewlyHusband turns around, walks out, and comes back with a cart. We left Total Wine with 8 bottles of wine, a 4 pack of a new kind of Sam Adams and a 6 pack of Woodchuck raspberry cider.

So the in laws just left and I have lots of studying to do for a midterm tomorrow and another midterm Thursday. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. You crack me up. I must find one of these Total Wines since I am a complete Wino. MmmMmmMmm!

    Good luck on your midterms!!

    P.S. your Banana bread from last post looks scrumptious! I MUST try asap.

  2. me too with the drinking thing... it's more fun when you're not supposed to do it but once you hit 21 it's not a big deal anymore. good luck on your midterms! :)

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