Friday, October 9, 2009

More Things That Frustrate Me

I promise ya'll I am a positive person. I like to see the glass half (or more) full. I like to take something negative and find the good in it. However, I am using today to tell you about more things that irk me.

1. The shuttle bus drivers on campus- Really dude- you do know that you have a shuttle crammed full of college students? Half us are standing up, bag full of books on shoulder, one hand grasping the little rope thingy that hangs down. Yet you feel the need to slam on your brakes every 30 seconds. And when pulling out from the stop, is it really necessary to start going, slam on the brakes to pick someone up you see walking, start going, slam on the brakes again for someone else. Just go damn it. I am trying not to vomit because of your shitty driving. And getting thrown back and forth is not helping matters. Just because we are stuffed onto this bus, it does not mean that we don't fly when you hit the brakes. K Thanks.

2. Fake wedding websites for tv characters- I love The Office, I do. And I truly enjoyed the Pam and Jim wedding episode. It was great. But I have some breaking news for you (please don't cry, it will be ok)... Pam and Jim are NOT REAL PEOPLE. They are characters played by actors. So do they really need a wedding website with registries, location info, pictures, and a guest book? People go on to this site and sign their guestbook, saying things like "Congrats! So happy for you guys." I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but the chick on there that got married had a wedding website too. Seriously, past the age of 8, should I really have to be telling you that the people on tv aren't real?

Those are the main two things annoying me lately. The NewlyHusband is going on a golf trip tonight, so I have a frozen pizza, a Hersheys dark chocolate bar, and a yet to be determined chick flick planned for tonight. Ahhh...


  1. the shuttle drivers did that at my college too and what really sucked for me was when there was no place to sit and i have to stand on my tippy-toes to hold on to the bar and then the driver slams the break...

    LOL @ the fake wedding websites

  2. I refuse to use the shuttle at my college, I'll walk. Seriously.

    Fake wedding websites are stupid. End of story.

    I hope you enjoyed your evening to yourself!!