Monday, October 19, 2009

The Newly Husband

Warning: This is going to be a sappy post. It will contain information on why I love my husband. If it's not something you want to read, it's all good.

Last night, something happened that really showed me why I married the man I did. I always go to bed earlier than the Newly Husband. Our sleep schedules are just different. I get whiny if I'm not in bed by 10. He can't fall asleep earlier than 1 am. So last night, I was incredibly tired (as I always am on Sunday nights) and went to bed. I laid in bed for a bit, frustrated that I was sleepy but couldn't fall asleep. I shuffled out into the living room and told the Newly Husband why I was frustrated. He had his laptop on his lap. As soon as I told him what was up, he put the laptop on the ground, opened up his arms to me, and let me fall asleep on his lap. He didn't even hesitate in stopping what he was doing (fantasy football I'm sure) and opening himself up to his wife.

I know this may seem small, but it is the daily small things that make me realize how blessed I am to be married to him. When I come home from a 12 hour day at work, he has a glass of wine poured for me and dinner on the stove. When I have a lot of homework, he cooks, cleans, and even offers to go to the grocery store. This man takes care of me in so many different ways.

He is hilarious. No one knows the total goofiness of my husband but me and I love it. I love that he dances and sings songs about mowing the grass.

If we have a day off together (very rare), he appreciates it and makes sure we do something fun.

He asks what I want and looks out for my needs before his own and I hope that I do the same for him. We were once told that a relationship cannot be 50/50. It has to be 100/100 and he gives 100%.

He hands over the remote, even during Monday Night Football (yaknow, as long as the Jags aren't playing).

Although he does a great job showing me he loves me, he also tells me he loves me. Sometimes I need to hear the words.

He gobbles up the dinner I make and tells me how good it is, because he knows I'm insecure about my cooking skills.

He makes me feel sexy on days I feel nothing but ugly.

He is a big brother to my little sister, who needs a good male influence in her life. This is so precious to me.

He goes to my family gatherings even when I have to work and can't make it. On the same note, he encourages to me to go to things his friends are doing, even when he is out of town.

He talks about me when I'm not around. Sometimes this one makes me nervous, but it makes me feel good that he is proud enough to have me as his wife that he wants to tell strangers at the poker table about me.

He has his guy time and wants me to have my girl time.

Although I moved into his house, he works hard to make sure that I feel like it's my home too.

I know this may seem like nothing to the people reading this, but to me it means so much. I went through relationships that weren't right for me and breakups that I thought broke my heart, but I truly feel that we learn what we need to learn in those wrong relationships so that we can be the right person in the right relationship.


  1. Awwwww, I loved this post. So sweet!

  2. I love sappy posts. It is always the little things that are the best. Your husband sounds awesome! I totally agree with the relationship thing. I'm glad things went bad in other relationships so I know what I want know and appreciate so many more things.

  3. Aww! I loved it! Brought tears to my eyes! :)

    I'm so glad to be back!!!

  4. Awwww, SO sweet! I especially love this:

    "We were once told that a relationship cannot be 50/50. It has to be 100/100..."

    So, so true. :-)

  5. That is very sweet. It's a precious few men who understand what your husband seems to have a firm grasp on.
    I hope that you two are able to experience many happy and healthy years to come.